Signs of an Elder Goth?



You’ve seen the “Goth Look” get co-opted by mainstream fashion so many times that you no longer get snarky and dramatic about it- instead, you patiently wait for the trend to fall out of vogue so you can score great clearance items.

"Seven dollar black lace shirt? Yes, please! Clearance bin of patterned fishnets?? SCORE!"

Shhhhhhhh some secrets are too powerful for the wee ones!


Dark beauty

Victorian goth





C’mon, Marvel. Put these together and it’ll be like printing money.


Rocket Raccoon and Groot is still a better love story than Twilight.


I just got back from Guardians of the Galaxy. I admit I never read the comic book so going into it I didn’t really know the characters. Over all I enjoyed the movie. It is a classic space movie with spaceship battles and intergalactic planets, along with odd looking aliens. If you are a fan of classic songs like the Jackson 4, Blue Swede, Robert Holmes, The Runaways, then you are going to like the music in the film. Rocket (the Raccoon) and Groot (the living tree thing) are my favorite characters of the film. Really, I want my own Groot. He is just awesome.

If you want to go see a fun film where the good guys win, I would say go see Guardians of the Galaxy. Also, if you can find Nathan Fillion in the movie, let me know. I looked every where for him and I couldn’t find him.

He voices the alien in the prison that Groot picks up by the nostrils.

I can pretty much guarantee you that every song on the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack is going to spike in sales on iTunes.

Don’t be surprised to see “Hooked on a Feeling” hit number one this weekend.